Shari Beth Libicki, PhD

Global Air Quality Practice Area Leader

Telefon: +1 415 796 1933

Dr. Shari Beth Libicki, Ramboll’s Global Air Quality Practice Area Leader, has over 25 years of chemical fate and transport experience, as applied to managing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and estimating air emissions and dispersion from chemical processes, landfills and new developments. Her experience includes providing technical expertise to entitlement and litigation teams, negotiating complex technical agreements and permits with agencies and assisting facilities with compliance programs. She is an expert on GHG evaluations for CEQA documents, and is at the forefront of developing regulations in California, having served on the Regional Targets Advisory Council. She has conducted extensive air quality regulatory assessments for NSR/PSD permitting and compliance auditing. Shari has lectured widely on evaluating climate change impacts for new developments and estimating chemical exposure for risk assessments and carbon management. She currently serves as a lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Stanford University. Shari earned a PhD and an MS in chemical engineering from Stanford University and an MSE in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan.