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Mogens G. Nielsen

Senior Chief Consultant, Ramboll Energy
Telefon: +45 5161 6831

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When antennas from different telecommunication operators were installed in the overhead transmission line towers of, a static analysis of the towers and the foundation was needed as the wind load had significantly increased – not only from the antennas but also from the feeder cables, ladders, backguards and platforms.

Ramboll performed the static analysis of the towers and the foundations as well as designed the access ladders and platform.

The towers cover the range of overhead transmission lines from 132 kV up to 400 kV.

Since the vast majority of towers and their foundations were originally designed by Ramboll, it was relatively easy for Ramboll to perform the analysis, especially because Ramboll were in possession of most of the drawings of the masts and the foundations. However, Ramboll's tasks were not limited to the structures designed by Ramboll.

Ramboll was granted the job due to our profound knowledge of the design and analysis of overhead transmission line towers.