Das größte nordeuropäische Krankenhaus

A hospital town

Ramboll is part of the winning consortium to design and lead the construction of The New University hospital in Aarhus. The new hospital will be an extension of the existing Aarhus University Hospital in Skejby. The hospital has been designed to accommodate future requirements with regard to technology, forms of treatment and work routines.

The hospital site will be modelled after an existing Danish town, Ribe, with low buildings on the outside and increasingly taller buildings as you approach the centre. The site will also have neighbourhoods, streets and squares providing the basis for a diverse, dynamic and green urban area.

The complex will be divided into seven professional communities, each with their own specialist services. The hospital town will contain a six-storey building with treatment departments and beds, and a central arrival area. Three high rise buildings will house the administration department, research facilities and a patient hotel. The ground floor houses a reception area and facilities such as a conference hall, shops, a bank and a cinema.

A healing environment

With room for approx. 700,000 patients a year and 9,000 employees, scientists and students, the hospital is an enormous project with regards to planning and design. The vision is to create a healing environment which puts human needs at the centre of attention.

The aim is to end up with a hospital town that functions in the best possible way, both as a treatment facility and as a place of work. In this view, both the architectural design of the new hospital and the technical design of e.g. the extensive installations are critical for its success. The key issue here is flexibility as the facilities will be changed on an ongoing basis in a modern hospital complex due to the rapid development of new treatment technologies.

The union of architectural design and technical design combined with expertise within medico, IT, environment and working environment has been central to the project, and a basic prerequisite for being able to work holistically towards the best possible solution. The strong focus on human needs has also meant the extensive use of evidence-based design, and the involvement of employees and patients in the design process.

Ramboll works together with C.F. Møller, Cubo, Søren Jensen and Alectia in the consortium heading the project.