Städteverbindung Sørli-Hamar-Lillehammer

Ramboll is planning an InterCity railway between Sørli and Lillehammer. The aim is to provide more efficient transportation between Oslo and the Mjøs region. The 70km long double track is to be ready in 2024 (Hamar) and 2030 (Lillehammer). The aim is to strengthen the attractiveness of the Mjøs region and provide basis for overall development throughout the InterCity area. It will make commuting easier, linking the region closer to Gardermoen. Runtime is planned to respectively 1 h (Oslo-Hamar) and 1,5 h (Oslo-Lillehammer). The job is a collaboration with Sweco AS (Joint Venture) and consists of approximately 310 people from Ramboll, Sweco and other subcontractors.

First phase of the work consists of drawing up technical master plan, environmental impact assessment and municipal master plan between Sørli - Brumunddal. Through Stange the route roughly follows today's route through rich cultural and agricultural landscapes up to Åkersvika. At Åkersvika it crosses the important nature reserve that is protected by the Ramsar Convention. Through Hamar, three different corridors will be assessed, with three different station locations. Further north towards Brumunddal, the line will be placed close to the current line, and the new station will be located close to where the station is placed today. The project involves major challenges relating to technical solutions to meet the requirements of runtime, interests of agriculture, consideration of natural environment and nature reserves, consideration for cultural environment and solutions for new Hamar station.

Traffic impacts and social economics are analyzed using NTM, RTM and Merklin.

Partners perspective:

"Dovrebanen is a highly complex piece of railway infrastructure that passes through several cities and tunnels as well as protected and vulnerable areas. RambøllSweco AS delivers on time and in the highest quality” – Sverre Normann Setvik, Jernbaneverket