Von der Mülldeponie zur Waste-to-Energy-Anlage


Geert Stryg

Senior project director
Telefon: +45 5161 6671

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Building the first Waste-to-Energy facility in Australia, Phoenix Energy and Macquarie Capital are making a major step towards landfill diversion securing energy recovery from the regional waste.

The Facility will be located in Kwinana, Perth and will recover resources and energy from municipal and commercial, waste. Furthermore, the facility will significantly reduce the amount of waste taken to local landfills, hence reducing the emission of landfill gases.

Ramboll has been selected as technical advisor/owners engineer to Phoenix Energy responsible for the process technology and for parts of the Environmental Permitting process.

Ramboll is assisting Phoenix Energy and Macquarie Capital in negotiating the EPC contract for the facility, including assessing technologies, layout, CAPEX/OPEX. Furthermore, Ramboll is negotiating the technical terms of the contract on behalf of the client. 

Project Facts

  • Capacity: 400,000 tonnes per annum, two waste-to-energy lines
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Commercial & Industrial Waste (C&D)
  • Energy performance: 140 MW (thermal), 35 MW Power
  • Furnace/boiler: Grate fired furnace and vertical 4-pass boiler
  • Steam Parameters: 67 bar/4200C
  • Turbine: Condensing turbine with air cooled condenser
  • Flue gas treatment: Semi dry/SDA
  • Procurement: EPC
  • Commissioning: 2021