Neues Krankenhaus in Zentralfinnland

A completely new hospital, expected to be operational in 2020, will be built in the area of the Central Hospital of Central Finland in Kukkumäki, Jyväskylä. Most of the hospital premises will be dedicated to special healthcare and the rest to Jyväskylä's primary health care.

The goal of the project is to change structural and logistical solutions in order to enhance the efficiency of healthcare, and to integrate primary health care, special health care and social services. For this reason, the different healthcare operations and medicinal specialties are placed together to enhance co-operation and facilitate communication. Another goal is to develop ICT solutions that best suit healthcare.

The basis of the hospital design is to support care that meets the patient's needs.

The project includes

  • 368 hospital beds
  • 10 delivery rooms
  • 32 intensive care and monitoring beds
  • 24 operating rooms
  • 12 rooms for minor operations and spectroscopy
  • 215 reception rooms
  • 75 day hospital beds
  • 3 radiation therapy bunkers
  • 3 MRI rooms
  • ICT facility
  • Pharmaceutical preparation premises for pharmacy

Additional information

The new hospital is designed and constructed consistent with the Healthy House criteria to ensure a clean and safe environment for all people using the hospital. An additional goal is to develop ICT solutions that best suit healthcare.