Joh. Johannson coffee production plant

JKK Coffee Processing Plant

JKK Coffee Processing Plant


Rikke Bjerregaard Orry

Sustainability Director, Buildings
Telefon: +45 51613200

About the project 

The relocation of Joh. Johannson’s coffee production has resulted in asolid wood industrial building in Vestby, Norway. Designed with as low a carbon footprint as possible, the 8,800 sqm building can achieve climate neutrality (ZEB-COM) over 60 years by expanding its solar park in the future. The building is built almost entirely of wood with only the necessary building parts in low-carbon concrete and includes offices, a warehouse and packaging and sales areas. 

Key challenges

Aiming to fulfil the requirements of the Norwegian ZEB-COMdefinition, the renewable energy of the building compensates for greenhouse gas emissions from construction, operational energy and production of building materials throughout the lifetime of the building.The building requires a lot of energy for optimal operation (covered by biogas) from which much of the process heat can be recovered. Due to a complicated system boundary between the building and the process, it has been challenging showing compliance with the goal of ZEB-COM. A BREAAM-NOR ‘Excellent’ certification was prioritised and achieved by the completion of the project. 


Ramboll carried out design and project management while being BREAAM AP (early stage) and BIM coordinator. Ramboll also performed CO2-accounting and environmental consultancy with a unique ambition level and scope. The solid wood construction, the use of biogas and the state-of-the-art production facilities minimise energy consumption while reducing CO2-emissions with 82% compared to the old production plant. From 2020, the PV-panel on the façade will compensate for the CO2-emissions for operating the building (ZEB-O). A potential expansion of the energy production is considered to compensate for emissions from construction and materials (ZEB-COM).