Didsbury Technology Park

Net-zero carbon emission commercial office on Didsbury Technology Park

Net-zero carbon emission commercial office on Didsbury Technology Park


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Aiming to be the first UK commercial office to be classified as net zero as defined by UK Green Building Council is a new commercial office on Didsbury Technology Park.

It aims to deliver an exceptional office environment, whilst being carbon negative in operation and ultra-low carbon in construction. The net-zero operation aims to offset the carbon emitted in construction resulting in overall net-zero emissions.

As the MEP, structural and civil engineers, Ramboll is collaborating with the client; Bruntwood Works and architects Sheppard Robson and to deliver the UK’s first truly net-zero carbon building, whilst working with the UK Green Building council in seeking its recognition.

Ultra-low carbon materials

The design includes carefully selected materials considering both cost and embedded carbon. These have been modelled using advanced digital tools to deliver the optimum form, orientation and façade design to maximise the benefit of low cost, passive measures.

The building materials, which include appropriate use of timber and other low carbon materials have been optimised to ensure material efficiency minimising embodied carbon.

Carbon negative in operation

The design includes extensive use of renewable energy systems, battery storage and an ambient loop heat pump system. In addition, the pursuit of marginal gains through efficient building services allowed us to offset the remaining carbon over the life of the building.

An attractive and high performing office

In addition to our rigorous pursuit of a class leading carbon reduction strategy, fundamentally we have remained attentive to the building’s purpose to provide an attractive, highly performing office building. The high-quality internal environment promotes wellness for its occupants, creating an attractive proposition for any future tenant.